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Calculate PayPal's merchant account fees


Whether you are a freelancer, a dropshipper, an online business owner, or a regular online customer, our Paypal Fee Calculator can help you quickly determine the exact amount that you'll have to pay or you'll receive after all the Paypal fee deductions. You won't have to calculate all this manually.

What is this tool all about?

Every now and then, we need to find out the exact amount of money that we'll receive through Paypal after the specific fee deductions. Sometimes you may need a particular sum of money, without any cuttings, so the amount to be sent from the other end should be including the extra fee amount. These calculations are confusing and require a lot of time to get things worked out.

Not only this, but the Paypal structure has different payment modes like Domestic, International, Mobile Card reader, and Virtual terminal. In each of these modes, separate payment options are available, which include transfers via online transaction, via store location, nonprofit, or micropayment. All of these payment methods have separate fee rates which makes it quite challenging to calculate your final amounts. By figuring out these, our Paypal Fee calculator not only helps in avoiding cumbersome calculations but also saves time and gives instant results.

How to use our Paypal Fee Calculator?

You can easily launch our 'Paypal Fee Calculator' directly from our home page under the Calculator section. You no longer need to perform any complex calculations manually to determine the fee deductions and final amounts, because our tool will do it for you instantly. Paypal Fee Calculator, like the rest of our tools, is incredibly simple to use. You can use our tool without much help even if you don't have a lot of technical experience. We don't want you to spend any time understanding the tool and that's how we designed our interface.

Initially, you can get to know the tool by using the sample values for calculations. It can be done as:

Using the Sample Values:

Before getting into the step-by-step guide, let us make it easy for you by filling in the sample values.

  1. Open our Paypal Fee Calculator's webpage. You'll see two boxes with labels 'Enter an Amount (USD)', and 'Fee Rate'. Beneath the boxes, there are three buttons with blue, green, and orange colors, titled 'Calculate', 'Sample', and 'Reset' respectively.
  2. Click on the Sample button. It will fill the two fields with sample values of $100 amount, a fee rate of 2.9% + $0.3 (via online transaction). Fee rates may change subject to time.
  3. Then click on the Calculate button to find out the fees and the final amount for these sample inputs.

Using your Actual values:

Follow up with the instructions provided to figure out the fee deductions for any mode of a transaction using Paypal:

  1. Enter the Amount (USD):
  1. When you open our Paypal Fee Calculator's webpage, you'll see the top box with the label 'Enter an Amount (USD)'. In that field, enter the amount in US Dollars that you have to receive.
  2. If you want to change the entered value, you can use the up and down arrows at the right side of this box. The up arrow will increase the value by unity, and the down arrow will decrease it by unity. You can also change the value by deleting the previously written value and then re-entering the new value.
  1. Enter the Fee rate:
    1. Among the two boxes, you'll see the bottom box with the label 'Fee Rate'. In that field, you have to provide the fee rate that will be applicable for your particular transaction. May it be domestic, international, through a mobile card reader, or a virtual terminal.
    2. Fee rates also vary for mode of transaction like online transaction, via store location, nonprofit, or micropayment. All of these have different fee rates, and you have to enter accordingly.
    3. For selecting the fee rate, click on the bottom box, it will open a drop-down of different fee rates according to the mode of transfer. You can scroll and select the option which best suits your transaction.
    4. For instance, if you have to make an international transaction online, you can see in the dropdown where International is mentioned. Next to that, select the first option which is 4.4% + $0.3 (via online transaction). Fee rates may change subject to time.
  2. Calculate:
    1. Once you have entered both the amount and the fee rate, next you have to click on the Calculate button. You'll get the fee deductions for your method of transaction using Paypal.
    2. If you wish to change the values and want to do calculations for another scenario, you can do so by clicking firstly on the Reset button, it will clear all the fields. Then you can repeat the same procedure to figure out the fees for another amount or through another method.

What do the Fee deductions mean?

Upon clicking the Calculate button after entering the Amount, and the relevant Fee Rate, a new box will appear with three sections.

  1. The first section tells how much is the fee amount from the total amount that you entered in USD.
  2. The second section provides information about how much you will be receiving after the deductions from the invoice amount you entered.
  3. The third section tells you how much you should ask for if you need the actual invoice amount without any deductions.

By using this provided information, you can be sure about how much exact amount is to be used on fee deductions, allowing you to make future decisions accordingly. Your company may experience a significant decline in revenue and possibly even a loss as a result of the invisible Paypal fees that are being applied on every transaction. Instead of making any guesses about the fees, you may use our Paypal fee calculator to predict the costs and ask for higher rates to adjust for the fee deductions.


Following is some of the questions that you may have regarding our Paypal fee calculator:

Q: Can this tool also work for decimal values?

A: Yes, you can enter the amount in decimal digits as well. The tool will process your exact amounts for precise fee calculations.

Q: Can this tool also determine fee amounts for domestic transactions as well?

A: Yes, the tool can help you determine fee amounts for domestic transactions as well. You can select the options for domestic transactions from the drop down of fee rates.

Q: How many times can I determine the fee deductions for different payment modes?

A: There are no limitations on how many times you want to get the fee calculations. You can click on the Reset button to clear all the fields, and then you can repeat the same procedure to figure out the fees for other payment modes as you need.

Why should you use our tool?

Our Paypal fee calculator makes your life so easy. With a very user-friendly interface, it can solve your confusing and difficult Paypal fee calculations in a matter of milliseconds. The tool is completely free and does not even require you to register to use it.

The tool provides the up-to-date fee rates for a variety of payment modes such Domestic, International, Mobile Card reader, Virtual terminal, along with the transaction options of online transfer, via store location, nonprofit, or micropayment.

Moreover, we have also covered all the important questions that can bug your mind. Hence, all the necessary guidance regarding the tool has been provided.

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