Password Generator: Create a secure and strong passwords

Free online password generator tool for create a strong, secure, & random password

This Password Generator tool can help you quickly generate a strong, secure, and random password, regardless of where you want to use that password. Making secure passwords is a crucial first step if you want to protect your personal information in this digital world, and our tool will assist you there.

Create Strong and Secure Passwords

Everything has gone digital, and the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your personal information is password protection. Users often find it difficult to create strong and secure passwords on their own and end up using predictive passwords containing their name or repetitive sequence, for instance, steve123. Such passwords are easy to crack, and it is never advisable to use such passwords. A strong password should be a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. And, this combination should not include any personal information or sequential numbers.

Our Password Generator will make sure that the password generated for you is totally unique, random, strong, and fulfills the criteria as per your requirements. The tool allows you to select the password length and choose to include the options among Uppercase Text, Lowercase text, Numbers, and Symbols. These various options can be utilized as various sites have different password criteria, and our tool can help you generate a custom-specific password for that.

How to use the Password Generator tool?

You can easily launch our Password Generator tool directly from our home page under the Other Tools section. It can help you generate secure and random passwords for your multiple online and offline accounts. We aim to make our user’s experience as convenient as we can. Password Generator, like the rest of our tools, is incredibly simple to use.

Follow up with the instructions provided to start using this tool without any hassle:

  1. Open our Password Generator’s web page. You ‘ll see a box beneath the label ‘Password Length’. By default, it will be filled with 6.
  2. Click on the box with 6 written in it. It will show the available range of password lengths, so you can choose from it. Since password length plays an important role for its strength, this drop down also indicates the weak and strong password length, so you get an idea how strong your password will be, based on its length.
  3. Beneath the length selection, there are four checkboxes, namely Include Uppercase Text, Include Lowercase text, Include Numbers and Include Symbols. And, all four of them are checked, by default, to incorporate all the important parameters for generation of a strong and secure password.
  4. You can uncheck the options that are not required for your specific password. These checkboxes allow various options because some online sites require the passwords not to contain any particular elements, for instance special characters. So, Unchecking any particular box will not include the specific elements in your password. For instance:
  1. Unchecking Include Uppercase Text will remove any capital letters from the English alphabet, and only include the elements that are checked. i.e. In this case, the password will be comprised of random combination of lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  2. Unchecking Include Lowercase Text will remove any small letters of English alphabet, and only include the elements that are checked. i.e. In this case, the password will be comprised of random combination of uppercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  3. Unchecking Include Numbers will remove any Numerals, and only include the elements that are checked. i.e. In this case, the password will be comprised of random combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters and symbols.
  4. Unchecking Include Symbols will remove any Special Characters like # @ & ^, and only include the elements that are checked. i.e. In this case, the password will be comprised of random combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers.
  1. Then click on the Generate button at the bottom. This will create a strong and unique password for you in a new box beneath the label ‘Your New Password’.
  2. You can directly copy it by clicking on the clipboard icon at the right side of this new box.

Is your Password Strong enough?

Upon clicking the Generate button after selecting the available options of Password Length, and including/excluding Uppercase Text, Lowercase text, Numbers and Symbols, your password will be generated. Through state-of-the-art techniques and added randomness, our tool makes sure that the generated password is strong and unpredictable. Every time you click on the Generate button, a new unique password is generated that is extremely complex to crack. A hacker will find it very challenging to break such a password, even if they do an automated machine attack that tries thousands of combinations of numbers, letters, or special characters to guess your one complex combination. So, by using our tool, you can feel at ease when you need a new password for any of your accounts.


Here are some common questions that you may have about our Password Generator.

Q: Is a Long password more secure than a short password?

A: Yes, a password is more secure if it is longer. Cyber-security experts recommend that a strong password should have at least 12 characters.

Q: Should I use one strong password on all of my accounts?

A: No, it is not advisable to use the same password on multiple accounts because if one gets hacked, you ‘ll lose access to the rest of the accounts as well. So, it is recommended to generate and use a different unique password for your different account.

Q: Can we share usernames with others if passwords can’t be shared?

A: Straight No! Never ever share your login username or password with anyone else.

Q: Where should we save usernames and passwords?

A: You can save usernames and passwords in an encrypted file on your computer. Never write them on paper or in a computer file that isn't encrypted.

Q: Should we change the passwords over time or is it safe to keep them the same?

A: Cyber-security experts advise users to change their passwords every three months. The goal is to make sure that if a password is stolen, a hacker will only access the account for a brief period of time.

Why should you use our tool?

Digital era and the cyber security breaches require strong, unique and random passwords for all our accounts. And it seems very difficult for users to think of strong and random passwords on their own, and then change them frequently. Our Password Generator is the best technological solution to this problem. In a matter of milliseconds, our tool will generate a secure password based on the guidelines provided by you to fit the different sites’ requirements. Not only this, but our tool is absolutely free and does not demand creating an account. We have also covered your possible questions regarding the tool, so you get complete guidance related to the tool. All these attributes make our tool very user friendly.

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