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Easy Word Counter Tool

Our word counter tool is here to help you analyze anything for your typed words. This tool gives a brief and easy-to-read analysis of your typed words that will help you better understand and refine your text documents. 

Ease of use is our aim for all our tools. Along with the regular Word count, our tool provides additional analysis indicators like the number of Characters, Characters with spaces, and Paragraph count. These can help you analyze your typed text. 

Our tool’s Word indicator gives you the exact number of words in your text. You can use the Characters indicator to match your typed number of characters with your required number of characters. Our tool is designed to read all the Characters along with spaces as well, to give you a detailed analysis of your document. Paragraphs indicator gives your written text a sense of organization by providing a number of paragraphs written in your content. 

How to use the Word Counter tool?

You can easily launch our Word Counter tool directly from our home page under the Text Content Tools section. Follow up with the given steps to get to know how to use our word counter tool:

  1. Copy the text you want to analyze from the word processing application you use.
  2. Go to our word counter tool and paste your copied text in the box with light text written in it as “Paste your text here…”
  3. Click on the Count Button at the end of the box.

Just like this, your work is done! It is that simple to use.

What Analysis Indicators you‘ll get?

Once you’ve entered the text from your desired document into the tool box, you’ll get the word count, characters, as well as characters with spaces and total number of paragraphs written, simply just on a single click. Know that many online sites have put word limits or character limits in each of their posts, which is why our Word Counter tool is very convenient to help you stay within the limits while creating engaging content. 


How to find the character count using the Word Counter Tool?

You can type or copy-paste your text into the space provided, and your character count will be provided as soon as you click the count button. 

How many pages are in 1000 words? Or how many words would make up two pages of text?

1000 words are two pages single-spaced and four double-spaced in the font type Times New Roman (the most commonly used font type).

How do I increase my word count?

Adding examples in your points, or explaining your points in more detail, are quick ways to increase your word count. 

How is the word counter tool helpful for blog/story writers?

Websites deny registration of articles/posts if the number of characters exceeds the maximum or falls below the minimum; hence, using our tool to determine word and character counts will help you save time, which is a considerable advantage.

Is my content secure by using your tool?

Yes, your content remains secure as we process it in real-time. The content you upload is not saved on our servers. 

Why should you use our tool?

The Word Counter tool doesn’t just provide the word count in your inserted text but gives your text analysis from many angles. In a matter of milliseconds, our simple tool analyzes unlimited text lengths. It gives you a brief report of how many words you have typed, how many characters you have inserted, how many spaces you have inserted and how many paragraphs are there in your text. This precise analysis is there to help you focus on your writing rather than these trivial details because we have you covered in this domain. 


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