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PNG to JPG is a very useful and handy conversion, as it is required in most image editing tasks. You don't have to install any high-end applications and follow complex procedures to do such a simple task, our easy-to-go tool will do the conversion, in a matter of milliseconds.

Everything you need to know about this tool:

Digital pictures typically use the JPG format. Since it is the most used format across operating systems and cameras, the majority of image processing software need it. JPGs can employ a compression ratio of 10:1 without losing substantial detail. Hence, making the sharing and storage of high-quality images easier. PNG format is the most used uncompressed raster image format on the internet, having no copyright restrictions. PNG images can be displayed with transparent backgrounds.

Various sites and apps require input images to be JPGs, and whenever users need to convert images from .png format to .jpg format, there are not many applications that will help you do that in the simplest possible manner. Tools like photoshop are for graphic design professionals. Beginners will always find such procedures confusing, and hence, will not let them complete the job at hand. But don't worry, our PNG to JPG converter will help you with this conversion in a very simple way.

How to use the PNG to JPG Converter?

You can easily launch our PNG to JPG Converter directly from our home page under the Image Editing Tools section. Our website emphasizes a better user interface. We strive to provide services with quality and convenience. You can get what you're looking for without having to rely on third-party software and applications to make your image suitable for your requirements. This guide is divided into sub-parts. We will provide brief instructions and information on all parts.

Follow up with the instructions provided to convert your images without any hassle.

Image File Insertion:

PNG to JPG tool provides two options for image file insertion. This gives our users the freedom to save their files wherever they want, whether on their personal computers or on any online platform with a URL linked to it. Multiple uploading options aid our users in utilizing our tool without going anywhere else for further conversions. The first option is:

From Personal Computer:

Before uploading your image file, make sure its format is .png

In case you have saved your image file on your local computer, follow these steps to upload it from there.

  1. Open our PNG to JPG tool's web page. You'll see a dotted box with the button 'Choose File'.
  2. Check the bottom right corner of this box to make sure you've selected the correct uploading option. If it reads Use Remote URL, you are at the right place. Otherwise, click on it, and the option will change.
  3. Select the .png image by clicking on the Choose File
  4. Your file explorer will open. Browse the location where your files are kept, and choose the image file that you want to convert. Click on Open to proceed.
  5. Your file name along with its format extension will be shown in the box alongside the Choose File Make sure its name and extension are correct as per your requirement.

There is an alternative method of uploading your images that is more convenient and easier to follow. To use the drag and drop feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the specified folder in which you have saved your file on your PC.
  2. Open the tool in your browser and minimize it using the browser's minimize button.
  3. Click on the image file you want to upload and drag it into the box alongside the Choose File
  4. Release the mouse click and you will have your image file name shown in the box.

Using Remote URL:

Most of the time, the file is saved online, or you have found a picture on a website with .png format, and before downloading, you want to directly download the converted image file. Follow these steps to do so.

  1. Make sure you have selected the right file choosing option by going to the bottom right corner of the dotted box. If it reads Upload from Device, you are at the right place. Otherwise, click on it, and the option will change.
  2. To type in the link, you can either type the whole link, press [Ctrl + V] if you have copied the link before, or simply click on the 'Paste from Clipboard' icon on the right side of the box.

Image File Conversion:

After you have selected the file through any of the mediums provided above, the next step is to convert your file into the JPG format. To convert and download your converted file, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Convert button and click on it to convert your file to JPG format.
  2. A preview of your file will pop up in front of you. Click on the Download Image button to download your picture.

How can the PNG to JPG conversion help you?

Our PNG to JPG tool is very simple and straightforward. We make things easier by providing specific file conversion like PNG to JPG so just upload your PNG file and with a single click, receive your JPG file with our tool. You can either select an image file from your device through file explorer or drag it directly or you can even use remote URLs. This makes our tool very user-friendly.


Here are some common questions that you may have about our PNG to JPG converter.

Q: How many images can be converted with this tool?

A: There are no limitations on how many you want to convert. You can convert as many as you need.

Q: Is my image secure by using your tool?

A: Yes, your images remain secure as we process them in real-time. Any image you upload is not saved on our servers.

Q: Does converting an image from .png to .jpg reduce its quality significantly?

A: No, converting an image from .png to .jpg will not reduce any significant quality. It just changes the format of the image, and hence the extension.

Q: Will the converted JPG image still have a transparent background?

A: No, converting an image from .png to .jpg will fill its transparent background with white color. This is because JPGs don't allow transparent backgrounds.

Q: What can be the maximum size of the input image file?

A: As indicated on the tool's webpage, the maximum upload file size is 10 MB.

Why should you use this tool?

Our PNG to JPG converter tool provides an easy-to-use platform to convert image files. You would be able to use this tool without much help even if you don't have a lot of technical experience. Also, our tool is absolutely free, you don't have to pay anything to use this service. Moreover, it does not demand creating an account. We have also covered your possible questions regarding the tool, so you get complete information in the article.

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