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Format and validate JSON data with the JSON Formatter and Validator.

Our JSON Formatter tool ensures that your JSON string is formatted consistently into an object tree. In just one click, your JSON data can be made readable and easy to understand for everyone working on the project. The tool makes it easy to identify JSON key-value pairs.

What is this tool all about?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is an open-standard file format that employs human-readable text to store and transfer data objects made up of arrays and key-value pairs. Key-value pairs are separated by a colon, as in "key": "value".

When several people are contributing to a project, each one may have a different formatting style. As one person cannot understand another's code. Using our tool, you can resolve this issue. It usually adjusts the positioning of the JSON elements by adding appropriate spaces or new line characters to make the code more readable. You no longer need to spend hours manually formatting your JSON because this tool will do it for you in an automated way.

How to use our JSON Formatter tool?

You can easily launch our JSON Formatter tool directly from our home page under the Development Tools Section. We aim to make our user’s experience as convenient as we can. JSON Formatter, like the rest of our tools, is incredibly simple to use. You would be able to use this formatting tool without much help even if you don't have a lot of technical experience. Our JSON formatter is one of the easiest ways to format your jumbled up JSON data into an understandable and readable text so you can be better able to work on it. You can get what you're looking for without having to rely on any third party applications.

Initially, you can get to know the tool by using the sample JSON for formatting. It can be done as:

Using the Sample JSON:

Before getting into the step by step guide, let us make it easy by providing the sample JSON for you.

  1. Open our JSON Formatter’s web page. You ‘ll see a box with line number ‘1’ written, along with that, you can see a pair of curly brackets{}. In that box, the input JSON data is to be entered.
  2. Beneath the box, there are three buttons with blue, green and orange colors, titled ‘Format’, ‘Sample’ and ‘Reset’ respectively.
  3. Click on the Sample button. It will fill the empty box with sample JSON data. You may notice that it is very difficult to read and understand, as it is not formatted properly.
  4. Then click on the Format button to make the sample JSON formatted. The formatted JSON will appear in the new box beneath the buttons.

Using your Actual JSON:

Follow up with the instructions provided to format your JSON data using this tool:

  1. Copy the JSON data from the file where it has been saved.
  2. Go to our online tool and paste the unintelligible JSON data in the box beneath the label ‘JSON Formatter’.
  3. Beneath the box, there are three buttons with blue, green and orange colors, titled ‘Format’, ‘Sample’ and ‘Reset’ respectively. Click on the Format button to start formatting.
  4. In a matter of milliseconds, the formatted JSON will appear in the new box beneath the buttons.
  5. You can copy and save it in your project files.

What can JSON Formatting help you achieve?

JSON data can be messy because the developer has to concentrate on the technical tasks, and he does not have the time to look at the code aesthetics. A single developer can work with JSON to do organized data transmission through a network connection, but in most circumstances, numerous developers are working on the same project, and each developer may have his or her own technique of formatting. This can cause issues for the project manager or developers, as they may find it difficult to read multiple people's JSON formats. Or, sometimes JSON data can get minified as well. You can solve these problems by using our JSON formatter tool, which formats the JSON accurately and instantly. The formatted data is easy to read and more understandable for everyone. It makes sure that you can clearly recognize various JSON constructs (objects, arrays and members).


Here are some common questions that you may have about our JSON Formatter tool:

Q: Is my JSON data secure by using your tool?

A: Yes, as we process your data in real time, it remains secure. The JSON data you upload is never saved on our servers.

Q: What are the two important parts of JSON data?

A: Keys and values are the two main components of JSON. They form a key/value pair when combined. A string that is wrapped in quotation marks is always a key. Strings, numbers, boolean expressions, arrays, and objects can all be used as values.

Q: Does JSON require any knowledge of JavaScript?

A: JavaScript knowledge is not needed to use JSON. The majority of modern programming languages are compatible with it; in fact, it is language-independent.

Why should you use our tool?

Web developers are sometimes required to present their JSON codes for discussions and other purposes. If the code has an ugly appearance, it creates a poor impression. Our JSON formatter tool is the best technological solution to this problem. Our tool is based on powerful algorithms that perform the task of formatting JSON without causing the user any inconvenience.

Since, it is a web-based application, you do not need to install any software or plugins to format JSON online. Not only this, but our tool is absolutely free and does not demand creating an account. In just a few moments, our tool provides the formatted code. 100% accurate results are guaranteed by our tool. You don’t have to worry about code aesthetics while developing it. If you find any difficulty in using the tool initially, you can also use the sample JSON available in the tool. All these attributes make our tool very user friendly.


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